Looking for a good and easy-to-use Wi-Fi router? You got the right one! And that is the Netgear N300 (WNR2000). 

If you’re not very aware of how to use or set up Wi-Fi routers, you can have this one because it’s quite easy and at the same time it affords incredible features and functionalities. 

Also, the Netgear N300 (WNR2000) is really cheap and compared to its quality, its price is very reasonable. 

Like any Wi-Fi router, this one associates your device (phone, laptop, iPad, etc.) to the internet.  

A number of people who tried this router are very satisfied, not only because it’s affordable but it also has other incredible features that we’ll talk about in the following. So, if that is in your concern, continue on reading!


Netgear N300 Review

Netgear N300 Review

  • The side view: seven inches wide 
  • Height: five point one inches
  • Depth: point four inches
  • Weight: less than a pound, 0.88 pounds 
  • Construction: general plastic material
  • On the side: there is a shinier plastic which collects fingerprints easily
  • Front top bottom and back: made of more matte plastic material
  • Build quality: solid
  • In the upright position, it comes with a stand
  • Can be put on its side, too (depends on how your setup is)
  • A 802 11 ABG N and two point four gigahertz 
  • The device got double firewall spi and n80 firewall
  • It got protection against amount of service of DdoS attack provisions 
  • For secure gaming, it also has expanded host dmz
  • On the back: there’s a power cord, on/off switch, 1w a N port (that transmits the Wi-Fi signal)
  • Four LAN ports


What’s so special about this router?

Its features:

  • The device props Windows 8
  • Up to 300 Mbps of swiftness
  • You can use the dashboard easily  
  • For home networks, it enables you to control & repair them, too 
  • For all of your connected devices, it has Centralized Parental monitoring 
  • For safeness and protection, the device has high-grade security
  • Warranty duration is eternal   
  • It uses few power 
  • It enables you to have control over what your children can access 
  • You can easily share pictures, songs, pdfs, etc. across the network.
  • The entire domicile will be covered 
  • It allows for fast online streaming.  
  • Easy installation is ensured
  • It has very developed features that decrease intrusion


What are the drawbacks of this device?

Similarly to anything in this life, this device has drawbacks, too.

Its drawbacks:

  • You don’t have permission to modify your username.
  • When starting up it takes a while to connect you to the network
  • You cannot detach the transmitting aerials 
  • Deleting just one custom setting is not possible; instead, you will have to eliminate them all by recuperating factory settings.
  • The Wi-Fi speed decreases through walls.

People who bought this router before, are very satisfied, claiming that it is ideal for those folks who take pleasure in downloading numbers of videos and live streaming.


If you have problems with your internet device, you won’t get disappointed by buying this one because it combines a lot of different features that you’ll need if you’re a tech person. 

Therefore, set yourself free and purchase yours! 

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