The Netgear CM600 is a really high-speed cable modem that will get you through your daily internet activities without any glitch or lag whatsoever. It performs well in online streaming, gaming, and your day-to-day web-surfing. For the price tag it comes with, this cable modem is a hard-to-miss deal.

Let us check out what all the hype about it is and why you should consider buying this bad boy right here!

Netgear Cm600 Review

First of all, this device does come with faster speeds and more ISP compatibility than most other options you’ll find in the market, something you can’t really ignore, especially depending on which ISP you’re planning to go with.

The cable modem uses channel-bonding technology bringing you 24 downstream channels, and 8 upstream channels. This is one of the reasons why it is capable of being very efficient in transferring data, and what makes for very fast internet connections.

Through our testing of this cable modem, we found very impressive features that allowed multiple (5 simultaneous users) users to be on the network at the same time and not experience any problems. The Netgear CM600 can handle speeds above 300Mbps very easily and isn’t limited at that speed like most cable modems and routers.

The body of the modem has a nice shape to it that looks more modern than effective. It comes with all the ventilation it needs to stay cool during heavy usage, and it has a screen on its side that displays all the necessary information that you’ll need to look at from time to time. This is why you need to be aware of how you place your cable modem, in order to be able to look at its display whenever you need to.

The back of the model has a Gigabit ethernet port, coaxial connection, the power input, the reset button, and on/off button as well.

As you may or may not know, most cable modems don’t come with an on/off button, which means that in case of a problem that requires rebooting the device, the only option people have is to unplug and plug it again, which isn’t very convenient depending on how good you are at cable management. Another advantage to this modem is how simple and easy to use its online interface is. With no complications whatsoever, you can view your settings and change them whenever you like. Not only that, but if you’re a bit on the tech-savvy side, this modem’s online interface is also home to some pretty advanced features and setting controls that’ll allow you to manipulate it however you like.

Is the Netgear CM600 Worth it?

Netgear Cm600 Review

When asking yourself this question, you have to consider a few factors.

First, you need to know if it is better than the one you’d usually be able to rent from your ISP. Most routers and modems provided by ISPs are chosen because they have a deal with the manufacturing company and they’re trying to sell more of their devices. 

Another factor is price. Most ISPs have a small collection of modems and routers that they rent to their customers. What you need to calculate is the price of the rentals over a year, and compare it with the price tag of the modem you’re going to buy on your own.

This brings us to talk about how there is no better time to get your hands on this modem as it has a pretty good offer on it with up to 30% off.

Most ISPs will charge you anything between $10 and $15 a month, which can accumulate to be up to $180 a year, a total rip-off.

Not only that, but you end up saving a lot more than that since most modems will last you a lot more than just 1 year if we’re being realistic. By getting this device, Netgear is also offering you a 1-year warranty that should be able to cover all manufacturing defects that you can find in this device.


Final Verdict

Is the Netgear CM600 worth it? The answer is a confident Yes! The modem has great features that make it a very good option especially for the good price it comes at.

We hope you found this article very informational and beneficial for you, and we wish you best of luck finding the perfect cable modem for your type of internet usage.

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