It took a long time in order to put together the so-called ‘Internet’. During World War II, the construction of computers started, and back then they were big and clunky. Those machines didn’t do much more than solve really difficult math problems. 


The construction of the internet went through an incredible journey. For instance if you’re watching a video on your phone or laptop, the data reaches them through the use of satellites. A signal could be sent from the data center to the satellite via an antenna, and then from the satellite a signal could be sent to your mobile phone via another antenna near to you. 

However, this way of transmitting signals is not a good idea because the satellite is parked nearly 22,000 miles above the earth’s equator, so in order for the data to be transmitted successfully, it gets through a journey of 44,000 miles. Such a distance of travel causes significant delay in receiving the signal. Therefore sometimes you don’t receive any internet. 

NETGEAR Cable Modem CM1000

So, if that video does not reach you via a satellite, how does that really reach you? Well, the operation is done with the help of optical fiber cable modems, which connect between the data center and your device. Your device could be connected to the internet via cellular data or any Wi-Fi router.  


NETGEAR is one of the cable modem routers that ensure you get the fastest connection possible. 


What does the Box hold inside?

  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Power adapter
  • DOCSIS 3.1  CM1000 Cable Modem


Its characteristics are: 

  • This device is ideal for streaming 4K UHD content, high-speed online gaming and fastest downloads.  
  • For installation, it is quite easy. It will take you a maximum of 5 minutes. 
  • For activation, there is a product manual that contains a list of URL links for both Xfinity and Cox on the back of the manual. 
  • It is the cheapest in market
  • You will get full gigabit download speeds


Its specifications are:

  • Internet Service Provider 
  • (ISP) Compatibility
  • Cox Communications, XFINITY from Comcast
  • DOCSIS Certification 3.1
  • 1000 megabits per second for Downstream Data Speed 
  • 240 megabits per second for Upstream Data Speed 
  • Channel Bonding – 32 x 8 
  • Number of LAN Ports – 1 


Its features are: 

  • Makes downloading and uploading fast (1 Gbps). 
  • For DOCSIS 3.1 connection, downstream (2 OFDM), upstream (2OFDM) 
  • It also can have access to Amazon, Alexa & the Google Assistant and therefore you can control your home network remotely  
  • Quality of service is dynamic (DOCSIS) — by application & device it gives priority to network traffic.



For buyers this cable modem was a big top. They’re very happy that they invested in this product, due to its different characteristics that ensure efficiency. 


To wrap it up, this device product combines fast speed, easy setup and installation, great packaging, a list of urls that help you during the installation, good quality is ensured too! So hurry and purchase yours before it is saturated! 


Hoping that this explanation will help you! 

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