If you’re someone who lives in a small place, maybe with a housemate or two, then this device is exactly the one you need. The Linksys E2500 comes at a very affordable price and is bringing mediocre features and specs that are more than enough for the type of usage you’ll need it for.

Before we get to any details, here are the router’s pros and cons.


  • Easy to Set Up
  • Reliable & Fast Internet Connection


  • Limited Range

Let us check out where this device excels and where it has its shortcomings!

Linksys E2500 Review

Linksys E2500 Review

First of all, the Linksys E2500 is the ultimate budget router. You pay a very cheap upfront price, and you still get most of the features you can find in other routers that are slightly pricier, not to mention the device’s slick, minimal design.

The device is very easy to set up after you take it out of the box and should not give you any headaches even if you aren’t very tech savvy. The router has a very simple to use online platform that will allow you to control the settings and help you set it up in no time.

Unlike a lot of other expensive routers, this one has internal antennas, which is very convenient since antennas can be very annoying, especially if you don’t have a lot of available space. The router’s futuristic, minimal design makes it suitable to sit on a flat surface and not be mounted on a wall.

The back of the router is home to a single WAN part and 4 ethernet LAN ports to connect all your devices using cable. One of the downsides of the router’s body is that it does not come with indicator lights so you have no way to know the status of the router at any given time unless you access its settings through a browser.

You won’t get a conventional manual with it when you first make your purchase but instead you’ll be getting a Cisco Connect Software CD that takes no more than 5 minutes to complete the whole installation process for you. After that, you’re ready to start enjoying your internet through your new router.

The router has the ability to keep both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band networks on at the same time, with the possibility of using the 3rd guest network too. The guest network is everything you need if you don’t want your guests, friends, or family to be able to connect to the internet without being able to see what data goes between you and your router. If you’re having a party or a get-together, the guest network will be able to host up to 10 people simultaneously.

When it comes to security, you really have nothing to worry about since the router has all the conventional wireless encryption standards such as WEP, and WPA/WPA2, as well as others.


When it comes to the performance of this router, it isn’t very luxurious to say the least. If you’re going to be using the 2.4GHz band then you might face a few problems here and there when it comes to internet speed, but the 5GHz band worked just fine most of the times.

This router’s biggest downside is the fact it has a very limited range that should cause problems if you ever try to use it in a bigger space.

Other than that, the device comes with a 1-year warranty that should cover any manufacturing defects, as well as it has a really good, 24/7 toll-free customer service that is also available through online chat.


The question is should you buy it? And the answer is a definite yes if you live in a small place. Connecting to I your internet through the 5GHz band should be no problem and you will never notice any lag or internet problems.

We hope this article was beneficial for you and hope you found everything you needed to know about this router.

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