If you are looking for the best signal strength and overall latency for your home or office network, you can have it all by choosing to invest in a high-quality Wi-Fi range extender.

These devices function smoothly to knock out any dead-wones or black spots in your network by advancing and repeating the signal where you want it. 

Among the latest Wi-Fi range extender to be released is the Linksys AC750 BOOST RE6300.

Linksys AC750 Review

It is equipped with the essential features that keep your network functioning properly, with disregard to where you want a strong Wi-Fi signal. If you have a large house or a lot of infrastructures, the RE3600 knock out all dead-zones and is impressively comfortable to set up.  



The Linksys AC750 BOOST Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE6300) is adaptable with all routers you can find. It can reach a signal strength widely up to 6500 square feet with a strong Wi-Fi signal. Though it is not weather-resistant, this small device can advance your signal outdoors, upstairs, downstairs, etc. mostly, it works anywhere since the extender can be plugged.

Very Easy to Use

It does not matter if you are accustomed, to a great or less extent, to networking and computers, Linksys has created an easy-going setup for the AC750 BOOST. You need only to press the button “push-button connect,” and synchronization will take place in connection with your router or access point. Once the sync is done, you can then relocate the extender to anywhere in your home or office where dead spots need to be cleared. If the operation is successful, the small LED will show a green light to advising that the signal is excellent. Once the LED turns to an amber color, you need to move the extender a bit closer to your router or access point. 

Besides, you can use the Linksys’ “spot finder technology” to use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to check the location of your extender. It is a browser application that provides you with a bright look to the distance from the router to your extender. 

System Requirements

Whenever you would like to add a new feature or device to your computer or network, it is recommended to check the compatibility. The Linksys AC750 BOOST Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE6300) requires an 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless router or access point to connect and sync. The Linksys extender brand new is compatible with all routers since it’s backward compatible, which leaves no issue with the setup. Besides a decent router, you need an AC power; a Wi-Fi enables PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet with your favorite internet navigator. 

Uninterrupted Signal

Your connection will never drop or be interrupted because the AC750 BOOST range extender uses dual bands that provide full network coverage. Fitting for streaming, video gaming, uploading, or downloading. This small device works with “crossband technology” to reach impressive fast data transfer rates up to N300 + AC433 Mbps. 



Linksys has a flashy feature known as “beamforming technology” to support focus and enhance any weak signal on your network. It would raise the ability by enabling multiple clients to use high-bandwidth features at the same time. Streaming, gaming, uploading, and downloading on several devices will not affect the network severely. Beamforming functions in a way to prioritize specific tools that need the signal more. 

Wired Connection

The Linksys AC750 BOOST Wi-Fi range extender (RE6300) is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port, which facilitates the connection to any wired device. You can find this port located on the underside, and it is likely used when Gigabit transfer speeds are a necessity. Devices like smart TVs, Blu Ray players, IP security cameras, or certain gaming consoles may dominate the bandwidth in comparison with other activities. That is why some people will tend to use a wired connection in these cases for robust bandwidth, so Linksys made sure it was equipped with Ethernet ports. Using it, you can enjoy better data transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than any fast Ethernet port out there. 



Final Thoughts

Owning this gadget will improve the speed and latency of your home or office. Especially with a small investment priced 89.99$ on Amazon, the Linksys AC750 BOOST Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE6300) function incredibly for a network that is facing issues to provide all the available bandwidth and signal strength that you need. Installing is a cruise, and configuration takes a matter of minutes. In a literal sense, you need to plug it in, press a button to connect to your network, and everything is set up correctly. The extender is compatible with old and new routers; therefore, you are not inbound to update all of your hardware to make it work efficiently. 

It is glad to see some of the latest technology provided by Linksys at such a right price-point. The investment is quite reasonable in comparison with the performance with Linksys AC750 BOOST Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE6300).

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