AT&T is an American company, and it is considered the largest telecommunications provider in the USA. They offer mobile services deals, fixed telephone services, and other package deals that include internet connection.

U-verse is one of their package deals that provides landline telephone service, smart digital TV, and internet connectivity. Upon purchase, the company provides you with a standard wireless router

that you can use as a modem to connect all your devices to the AT&T U-verse service. The speed of your internet will depend mostly on the location of your house.

However, from experience, these standard routers that such companies provide with their service proved not to be trusted and relied on.

The internet performance is slow, and the connection is not equally shared around the house. Of course, this won’t be a problem if you want to use your internet just for basic functionalities.

Nevertheless, having a faster internet speed is better. Therefore, it becomes a necessity, for some, to acquire a router that will provide faster internet speed and share it evenly in the house.

We couldn’t think of a better recommendation than the Linksys Router. Linksys Routers have proved over time, and from our experience using it that it is a device you can totally rely on to provide you with better performance. It is definitely better than the standard routers provided by telecommunication companies, and it doesn’t cost a lot.

How to Setup Linksys Router With AT&T U-verse

The challenge doing this resides in the fact that that you can’t replace the wireless standard router provided by AT&T with the wireless Linksys router.

That is why we are dedicating this article to you to show you how to set up the Linksys router to the AT&T U-verse service.

To give you a quick answer before getting into details, you can use the Linksys router as a sort of wireless bridge between the standard router and the devices to which you want to extend the internet connection.

You might think that this will keep the original router performance as it is even if using the Linksys one. However, from our own experience and from the many reviews that we have read online, this method shows to be very useful.

Not only does it boost your internet performance, but it also extends it to different parts of the house. This method proves to be very useful and helpful for people who live in two-story homes.

Before jumping to the steps of the setup, you will need to get these in advance:

  • 2 Ethernet cables
  • Your router’s setup/guide
  • Your AT&T and Linksys router username and password. These will be used to set up your Linksys router to your networks subnet address

How to Setup Linksys Router With AT&T U-verse

So how exactly do you set this up? Let’s find out through the steps below:


  • Step 1: 


Start by turning on your Linksys router, but do not connect it to your home network. On the back of the Linksys, you will find an Ethernet port.

For this, you will need an Ethernet cable, and then you plug the first end of it to your computer and the other end to the Linksys router. The Ethernet port on the back of the router is labeled as “Ethernet” and outlined in blue color.


  • Step 2: 


As a second step, you should have your computer not connected to any wireless connection. Therefore, you have to turn off your laptop’s wireless connection even if you are using the Linksys to connect your laptop wirelessly. It is crucial to perform this as the wireless connection will interfere with the next steps.



  • Step 3:


The next step is logging into your Linksys router configuration menu. Start by opening your browser and browsing 

This will redirect you to the first page to log in to the menu. Use your user name and password to log in. If you don’t remember them, you’ll have to reset your router’s password.

To proceed with resetting the password, there is a “reset” button, which is located on the bottom of the Linksys. Press it for 10 seconds until the lights on the router blink. This will put your router back to default mode. Enter “admin” as a password, leave the user namespace blank, and then log in.


  • Step 4:


Once you are in the configuration menu, go to the “setup” tab and click on “basic setup.” After that, click on “disabled” in the “DHCP Server” tab in the middle of the page. Finally, save the settings from the button at the bottom of the page.


  • Step 5: 


Our next step consists of allocating an IP address to your Linksys router. To proceed, click on “Setup,” type “” into the “LAN IP” field, and save the settings.

This step will match your Linksys IP address to the AT&T wireless router address. The majority of home subnets have the same address, which is

The xxx is the number allocated to every device that joins your network. By doing this, which is providing your Linksys with the subnet address from your network, your Linksys won’t interfere with the network and will just blend in.


  • Step 6: 


Finally, turn off both routers by unplugging them. Bring a normal Ethernet cable, then plug one end into the AT&T standard router (labeled as “Ethernet” or “Computer”), and plug the other end into the Linksys router port (labeled as “Internet” and outline in yellow).

At this point, unplug the Ethernet cable that links your computer and the Linksys router, as you did in step 1. Power up the routers and enable wireless connections on your laptop and voilà!

Overall, this guide will not only work with the Linksys router but generally with any other external router.

If you still have some difficulties setting up your Linksys router to the AT&T network, you can check this

which explains the process using more precise image visualization.

We have seen dozens of internet users complaining about the AT&T routers not being able to handle fast internet speed.

For example, you might purchase the AT&T fiber internet package, which performs at a speed of 1000Mbs, but at its best performance

you will get roughly 10% of that speed, which is 100Mbs. So it’s definitely not fair to keep living in the shadows of the AT&T router while you can get a router that can get you away faster speed. I hope this guide will help you to set up your new Linksys router.

In case you still use the standard router, we hope this article will convince you enough to purchase the Linksys and ultimately use it for your internet connection.

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