First off, NAT stands for Network Address Translation.

NAT is a service used in routers to translate a set of IP addresses to another set of IP addresses.

The main reason for having the NAT service is to preserve the Limited amount of IP version 4 public IP addresses.

Thus, the invention of Network Address Translation was to prevent the shortage of IP addresses.


Additionally, there are two different types of IP version 4 addresses; one that is private and another public. Public IP addresses enable you to access the internet, and there are 4 billion of them.

In contrast, private IP addresses do not allow you to access the internet because they are not publicly registered.


For instance, Netgear routers, just like any other router, acquire IP address or Internet Protocol from particular service providers. And here, NAT is what defines how the router transfers inbound traffic.

So, this NAT needs to be open, and that’s a step that you can do on your own. You can do that simply by telling your Netgear router the place that inbound traffic needs to be sent through port forwarding.

And to achieve that, follow the next instructions:

How To Change Nat Type Netgear

How To Change Nat Type Netgear

  1. Click “start” then click “computer”
  2. Click on “network”, then, click your connection and go to OPEN or OPEN SITE
  3. Sign in to your Netgear account
  4. Enter the default login, which will be – Username: Admin/Password:
  5. Password
  6. Then, scroll down to WAN Setup
  7. Once there, click the box for NAT Filtering to Open.


And there you go, by following these easy steps, you will be able to open your NAT type for all of the Netgear routers. One thing to bear in mind is that if NAT Filter is not an option under the WAN setup, you must update your router under the router upgrade. And then you are good to go! Enjoy!


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